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Rhapsody-2-008-300x400Rhapsody Eggrolls are about to get even better! We’ve been making them with local organic vegetables, organic high oleic sunflower oil, and chock full of organic ginger and garlic. As of March 1st, they will be wrapped in a local eggroll wrapper as well. We’ve teamed up with Vermont Fresh Pasta, to offer you a superior Eggroll experience. We like to have a direct relationship with the folks that produce the ingredients that we use, however this isn’t always possible. We are more than thrilled that this is one more item that we can get locally! So every time you buy one of our Eggrolls you are supporting local farmers (Blackwell Roots Farm, Littlewood Farm), local producers (Rhapsody Natural Foods, Vermont Fresh Pasta), and local distributors (Black River Produce). Ask your local retailer (or our website) for our new 5 pack of Eggrolls found in the freezer! Thank you for supporting our local food system by enjoying our new and improved Eggrolls!

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