The Miso Hungry Noodle

From the Miso Hungry blog So… Where do our noodles come from? They come from 23 years of experience making noodles, and 31 years experience of eating Japanese Ramen. From the best natural flours, and a chemists attention to detail. … Continued

Rhapsody Eggroll News

From the Rhapsody Blog Rhapsody Eggrolls are about to get even better! We’ve been making them with local organic vegetables, organic high oleic sunflower oil, and chock full of organic ginger and garlic. As of March 1st, they will be … Continued

Seven Days: Using Their Noodles 

Vermont Fresh Pasta gives chefs what they’re looking for By ALICE LEVITT @ALICEEATS Last fall, chef Michael Werneke was on the hunt for ramen — but not the loaves of dried noodles with flavor packets favored by college students. For … Continued